At NOVA, our mission is not just a statement, it is how we live. There is a purpose and intention that lives in our people and our company. Every day and in every way we think, act and react to do good for people and planet. When a person walks through our door, it’s all hands on deck. It could be a simple NOVA walker tune up or a complex mobility makeover. When we volunteer at community events we get our hands dirty, spread the love and get a lot of hugs. When we think about our products we also think about our trash and our recycling program has diverted more than 550 tons of recyclables from landfills. Yes indeed, we love what we do at NOVA.


  • NOVA’s First Community Makeover

    The first ever community Mobility Makeover event was on Saturday, August 27th 2012 at Florence Western Medical Clinic. NOVA people volunteered to provide people the equipment they need to get moving again and take control of their personal mobility. All equipment, accessories and services were donated by NOVA. According to Dr. Kevin Thomas, Director of the Florence Western Medical Clinic, many of his patients are using ill-fitted, used, broken or inappropriate mobility equipment, keeping people from living life fully. “We are very grateful to NOVA for recognizing and responding to a need in our community,” says Thomas. “Restoring peoples’ mobility and dignity will help break the vicious cycle of sedentary lifestyle and depression that cause and exacerbate illness.”

  • NOVA Goes Green!

    Our recycling program has diverted more than 550 tons of recyclables from landfills in just the last 5 years. Each year that’s 110 tons of cardboard a paper, 6 tons of metal and over 300 miles of shrink wrap plastic! And, guess what we do with the income we earn from all of that recycling…shhh…it goes into the NOVA Party FUND and we have a really good time.

  • NOVA’s Retail Revolution

    The NOVA Retail Revolution is about our mission to transform our industry and bring the humanity, care and empowerment back to our dealers and our customers. Medicare has stripped our industry of our mission to improve the lives of physically challenged and aging Americans. People deserve better – they deserve their mobility and independence. Home Health dealers and providers deserve better — they deserve to take care of their customers, grow their business, provide jobs and be successful. Together, NOVA and our dealer partners will bring back our industry so we can serve our mission. It’s time for a Revolution and we’re ready.

  • The NOVA Wheelchair for a Day Challenge

    In 2012, NOVA people team up with our Next Step for their Wheelchair for a Day Challenge to raise money and awareness for the millions of Americans who live in and use a wheelchair. NextStep is a nationwide movement that aims to revolutionize the quality of healthcare for the physically challenged community. NextStep has paved the way with the first community facility in the U.S. to offer Locomotor and activity based training at its state of the art facility in Los Angeles and continues its vision to expand across the United States.