NOVA is a leading provider of Mobility, Bathroom Safety, and Independent Living products such as designer canes, rolling walkers, transport chairs, wheelchairs, bath safety, cushions, and mobility accessories. Started in 1993, NOVA has grown organically with a strong foundation and fundamental values of service, quality and integrity. NOVA’s goal and mission is to provide and service superior quality products with great function and fashion for physically challenged people to live a healthy, independent, and beautiful lifestyle.

Our commitment to caring and providing exceptional service is represented by our extraordinary staff, excellent warranty and product service program, consumer and dealer education, product innovation, and charitable contributions locally, nationally and internationally. Although our customers may have physical challenges, beyond their physical being is a heart with tremendous strength, a mind full of wisdom, and a spirit that is determined. We are dedicated to unleashing the potential of our customers. This is our story.


  • Dr. Bruce Chen

    Dr. Bruce Chen

  • The story of NOVA begins with a dream and a promise. Dr. Bruce Chen’s dream was to come to the United States with his family so he could pursue his medical career and give his young daughters every hope and opportunity. As a doctor, his promise was to heal, serve and inspire his patients to recover and thrive. Dr. Bruce Chen established himself in the United States as one of the leaders in the field of Rehabilitation, but was consistently frustrated at the lack of innovation in the medical equipment his patients were provided. He was especially affected during his time at the VA Rehabilitation Center in Dublin, GA and inspired by the hundreds of returning Veterans that he worked with. Their courage and determination put him on a mission to innovate and manufacture products that they needed and deserved. Sadly, Dr. Bruce Chen lost his 14 year battle with cancer in 1984 when Sue was just 14 years old. Dr. Chen’s three brothers and father carried on his mission and moved forward with medical equipment manufacturing. However, without Dr. Chen’s guidance, the manufacturing was to current industry standards.

  • Sue Chen launched NOVA in 1993 with only three employees in a small 4,000 square foot space in El Segundo, California. With only one loading dock available, shipping AND receiving was an early challenge that was faced and figured out in a determined and often scrappy way. That mantra often referred to as the “entrepreneurial” spirit started to define NOVA as a company and people who would be different, unique and connected…three words that did not exist in an industry that served an insurance and Medicare model completely disconnected from the consumers. That connection with customers would inspire NOVA’s early innovations with Rolling Walkers adding color, options, style and most of all joy to their customer’s mobility.

  • NOVA's Original Facility

    NOVA’s Original Facility


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    NOVA wins best booth at Medtrade

  • We believe in human ability, courage and hope. Life transformations and transitions are possible with exciting and beautiful products. NOVA’s solutions are created to help human beings of all ages and stages of life fulfill our two most important purposes: personal relationships and meaningful experiences. And, of course is the NOVA style! We want people to own and continue professing their personal style with vivid colors, hundreds of gorgeous prints and thousands of choices. One day the ubiquitous symbol of tennis balls on a grey walker will truly live in the past and the new NOVA normal will be a sexy, stylish, hot walker that turns heads.


From the beginning, NOVA claimed a unique place within its industry by providing exceptional service to its growing network of dealers as well as the consumer. In the early days, such care and concern were hard to find. We hope that our commitment to human beings — not only the bottom line — has helped raise awareness in other businesses who contribute products to the independent living industry. The NOVA promise deepens our resolve to be as unique — and inspiring — as our customers:

  1. A genuine passion for helping all people become more independent
  2. Exceptional quality and complete customer satisfaction
  3. The best warranty in the industry
  4. Knowledge and compassion that evolve through the ages
  5. The human connection: We know our customers


  • NOVA's New Facility

    NOVA’s New Facility

  • After quickly doubling its capacity in El Segundo and again in Gardena, NOVA relocated to a larger modern facility in Carson, California in 2004. Also, in 2004 NOVA expanded on a national scale by opening a state-of-the-art distribution center in Chicago, America’s heartland. In 2010, the Chicago distribution center tripled in size. The NOVA that began with three employees is now 75 strong. And the original 4,000-square-foot facility has been expanded to over 160,000 square feet. We are so proud of our humble beginnings, our 20 year journey and our mission to improve the lives of millions.